• Little girls jackets


    We have Shirley, Angie and Linzey is some fabulous jackets for little girls.  First Shirley , has a girl''s Cherokee L 10-12 jacket .  The back panel is a colorful corte with hearts in the center, pinks, purple, turquoise, yellow.  The front has cuff, belt and collar of the same corte.  Above the front pockets is a turquoise /silver leather with a soft white deer skin and a silver concho with a blue stone.  Little Angie's jacket is a girl's Old Navy S size 5.  She has a full back panel with a hand loomed corte with pink , rose , turquoise with graphic arrows.  The belt is covered all the way around , her cuffs and collar of the same material.  Above the pockets are pink leather hearts and a turquoise leather accent with little silver unicorns sewn onto the middle.  Linzey is going purple with her jacket!  The back panel has shades of purple, black, great.  The collar of jacket is entrusted with rhinestones. The corte material on cuffs and front panels.    SORRY ALL SOLD!!  BUT WE DO SPECIAL ORDERS!!