Telma y Miss”, is a start-up company based in Guatemala.  Telma is the Vice-President and Head of Manufacturing among other things!  Miss, is long time missionary, S.E. Coleman.  Their relationship started when Telma was 13 and a student of Miss in Antigua, Guatemala.  Throughout the years their lives have been intertwined and more like mother and daughter.  Miss bought Telma’s first sewing machine when she was 17 years old.  Together they design and create unique one of a kind bags from jeans, 100% cotton men’s shirts and the distinct material of Mayan women who wear tradition huipils and cortes to identify the villages they live in.  Most  huipils or the blouse is handmade by the woman on a backstrap loom.  Cortes or the skirts are more traditionally woven by men on large looms .  Their colors and patterns  stand out on an international level for indigenous clothing.  Many of the bags also have leather from Medellin, Colombia incorporated into the design.  Medellin is the shoe capital of Colombia and leather of all colors in the rainbow and textures can be found there.  These combinations of materials truly make the purses, bags, jackets exclusive  creations from Telma y Miss.